Session Tidbits - Lia Jay


With any type of session, I am always open to suggestions and ideas. I want this to be an amazing and personalized experience which will result in amazing pictures. Here are some helpful tidbits and info.


WHAT TO EXPECT Family sessions will range from 1 to 2 hours. With small children we’ll run, play, blow bubbles and enjoy some sunshine. Don’t worry if your kids aren’t that interested in getting their photo taken. Allow them to be themselves and I will do the talking (or chasing). It’s best not to push them into saying “cheese” and pose… I would much rather capture them naturally.
WHAT TO WEAR You don’t all need to wear the same color t-shirt or clothing. Instead, dress in similar shades of the same color! Or even texture as long as it’s not overpowering prints. Solids do better (prints add more confusion over all). Feel free to bring changes of clothing and accessories. And when in doubt, jeans and t-shirts, bare feet and flowy summer dresses are always great.
LOCATION AND TIME I love to shoot families outside in the sunlight. Before your session we’ll agree on a location that’s full of trees, and/or shade. Or perhaps something with an urban feel. I also love old barns, trucks, brick walls and anything with texture. If you have a suggestion for your location let me know. Time allowed, Ill try to scope it out before. I like to try to plan family sessions during the last 2-3 hours before sunset. This is the best light and will be the most flattering for everyone. However, no worries. We can make anytime work.


TIME FRAME Newborn wrapping sessions are best when the baby is 10 days old or younger, so that the baby is still very sleepy, curly and hasn’t gotten the baby acne that tends to show up around 2-3 weeks old. For lifestyle newborn sessions, we can book up to 2 months.
WHAT TO BRING Bring, or have available anything that may be special to you. Blankets, hats, toys, baskets, pillows, etc. Whatever your interest is. Let me know if we will be photographing you (the parents) or siblings as well.


TIME FRAME I like to book maternity sessions between 7 and 8 months, depending on how you’re feeling and showing. Please contact me as soon as you can so I can schedule your session in that time frame.
WHAT TO BRING Bring along clothing that hug your curves and show your body to get the full effect. In general solid colors work better in print. We can do a few different clothing changes and move around a bit.


Boudoir and glamour photography for those who are interested. "Boudoir" is the french term for a woman's dressing or bedroom. These sessions are most commonly done in your home or hotel rooms. Boudoir photographs are intimate, tasteful, romantic, yet sexy and beautiful. Boudoir sessions are very popular among brides, as well as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, in the celebration of weight loss or cosmetic alterations, or just because. My aim is to help women of any age, size or shape feel confident, beautiful and sexy. The idea is to have fun and feel good about yourself, not to mention a fun and daring adventure. The aim is to create beautiful and sensual images for you to keep forever. Please email me for details about the shoot, scheduling, locations, pricing and any other questions you may have.
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