This is where I will capture those precious moments and connections between you and your immediate family. Its where you are allowed to play and be yourselves. Sessions generally, take place outside with the beautiful natural light. I want this to be an amazing, inspiring and personalized experience which will then result in personal heartfelt pictures to last a lifetime. Here are some helpful tidbits and info to answer all your questions.

WHAT TO EXPECT Family sessions range from 1 to 2 hours. With small children, expect them to be allowed to run, play, jump, hug, even dance and in the beautiful natural light of the outdoors.
Don’t worry if your kids aren’t interested in getting their photo taken. Allow them to be themselves. It’s best not to push them into saying “cheese” and or forcing a pose. I would much rather capture them naturally.
Expect many hugs!

WHAT TO WEAR You don’t all need to wear the same color t-shirt or clothing. Instead, for a fun idea, perhaps have everyone dress in similar shades of the same color. Or choose 3 or 4 colors that go well together. For example, navy, beige, gray and white or maybe fall tones. I don't advise overpowering, loud prints, sequins or anything neon. Prints tend to pull the attention away from the subjects and add more confusion over all. Solids do better! Or best advise? Wear what you love or feel comfy in. It's NEVER about what you are wearing but the smile you are showing.
Feel free to bring changes of clothing and accessories. And when in doubt, go simple! Jeans and t-shirts, bare feet or a flowy summer dress is always perfect.

LOCATION AND TIME As a natural light photographer, I love to photograph families outside in natural light. Best time for a session is the “golden hour” which is about 1-2 hours before sunset. The air just looks better. Bright midday sunlight is not not not necessary but In fact, can be blinding! Cloudy days work out even better. Cant make it work at the golden hour time? Before your session we’ll agree on a location that will be perfect for the time you need for your session.
Do you prefer an urban feel? Lots of trees? Maybe your own backyard. Just say so! I am happy to discuss and brimming with fun ideas to get you the perfect look.
Other fun ideas; I love old barns, trucks, trees, wooden bridges, brick walls and anything with texture. If you have a suggestion for your location let me know. Time allowed, I'll try to scope it out before. I like to try to plan family sessions during the last 1-2 hours before sunset. This is the best light and will be the most flattering for everyone. However, no worries. We can make anytime work.


Lifestyle newborn sessions generally take place in the comfort of your home, where you can be most relaxed and at ease with your brand new baby. Sessions will include not only the new baby but all the members of your immediate family. I look to capture the honest real and special moments.

WHAT TO EXPECT The session typically goes between 1-1.5 hrs. and you will have the option for digital images, prints, books, wall art etc. Sessions usually allow for about 250 images (average is from 100-300). Please note. This is NOT a newborn “wrapped” session with a baby in the basket. While I always encourage you to bring your favorite prop, this is a lifestyle session. YOU will be holding your baby. Not a basket.

TIME FRAME Newborn sessions are best when the baby is 1-4 weeks old so that the baby is still very sleepy, curly. Remember, these sessions are NOT the "wrapped baby in a basket" sessions, but will be a lifestyle newborn sessions. Moms, dads, and siblings are always invited to participate. Up to 1-4 weeks is recommended.

WHAT TO WEAR Clothing that you feel comfortable in. For the baby? Diapers, undershirts, or nothing. Really just be you.

WHAT TO BRING/HAVE ON HAND Have available anything that may be special and or needed for you or the baby. Blankets, hats, bottles, etc. Whatever you like. I dont bring props (especially during covid times).


TIME FRAME I prefer to book maternity sessions between 6 and 8 months, depending on how you’re feeling and showing. Please contact me as soon as you can so I can schedule your session in that time frame.

WHAT TO WEAR Clothing that hug your curves to show your beautiful baby belly to get the full effect can be fun. Or maybe something flowy in empire style. Whatever your choice, I recommend solid colors or soft prints. We can do a few different clothing changes as well.

PORCHraits Minis

Welcome to a new type of session created during the time of Covid-19/Quarantine. This allows family sessions to happen with the comfort of never having to leave your front porch. (Porch-raits - Like Portraits from your porch!)

WHAT TO EXPECT These sessions typically take up to 15-30 minutes and get between 1-5 full family poses only. Fun, easy and much less stressful. Worried about the kids not making it thru a full hour (or dad?) Then this is a perfect way to get that full family pic without having to travel.

WHAT TO WEAR Very often I meet families who want to represent the real them.
Want to stand outside in your pajamas and slippers? Sounds fun to me.
Kids in mismatched clothes but you’re thrilled they got dressed? Fantastic.
Want to get dressed to the nines and pretend its a party? Amazing!
Costumes? Now that's just adorable.
Just be you. Sky's the limit!


Boudoir photography, also known as glamour photography, is for those who want to celebrate the beautiful you. Each and every person is beautiful. Some of us just don't see it...yet. FUN FACT "Boudoir" is the french term for a woman's dressing or bedroom. These sessions are most commonly done in your home or hotel rooms, but sky is the limit.
These sessions are intimate, tasteful, romantic, yet sexy and beautiful. Sessions are very popular among brides, a great gift idea for your anniversary, your or your significant others birthday, perhaps in the celebration of weight loss or cosmetic alterations, or just because. My aim is to help women of any age, size or shape feel confident, beautiful and sexy. The idea is to have fun and feel good about yourself, not to mention a fun and daring adventure. The aim is to create beautiful and sensual images for you to keep forever.
WHAT TO EXPECT These sessions typically take 1-2 hrs. We will go through several different poses and outfit changes. I suggest bringing 3-5 outfits even if we only use 1 or 2. Expect to have fun. This is not supposed to be tedious or painful, but a fun celebration of you.

Please email me with any questions. Or perhaps just for details about the sessions, scheduling, locations, pricing, etc.


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